Hygiene Facility for the Victims of Merapi Eruption

Few emergency toilet facilities in the stadium Maguwoharjo for the huge number of refugees. Any information to solve this problem?
Few emergency toilet facilities in the stadium Maguwoharjo for the huge number of refugees. Any information to solve this problem?

Just to help even though this contribution might not mean a lot. After a few times visiting the refugee spot in Jogja, I felt that there are primary needs of the refugee that has not been fulfilled and has not been served well. Maybe other fellows already published this on Facebook, I just want to repeat in order to make sure that the needs at the refugee spot can be helped through our hands.

First thing that always bother my mind is the facility of MCK –Mandi, Cuci, Kakus-(to shower, to wash and toilet) for the refugee. As long as I know, this facilities were minimum so that hundreds/thousands of refugee should queue in a long time. In several places (school, village hall, stadion, etc) already facilitated with MCK, but the number were not balance with the user. Even though the MCK mobile facility were also provided, the number were not significant.

One thing that will become a problem if we would like to help to provide the MCK mobile facility is that the fund and also time consumption in making/preparing such facility. I am truly have not got any idea how to get the facility, maybe fellows who work in the big corporate (company) already had the facility or fund to prepare for that facility. I saw may fellows or my students that have been working in financial, oil, automotive, telecommunication area, please advise to prepare such facility. If the facility is available, please inform me. Or if there are companies that are able to modify container/bus to be an MCK Mobile facility, also please inform.

Second thing is the aid that was related to children. Most of the aid was in the form of foods, clothes but for adult. Not many aid for children needs, such as, milk, food, clothes, even game. One time I observed how happy those children in the refugee spot but they still can play together (at that moment, they play soccer). Even the parents also observed them happily because their children were happy even though they had a disaster.

That is why, I do hope if there are fellows that can help to donate any baby/chil needs such as, milk, food, clothes, games, magazine, or even spare the time to entertain them, like reading a funny story, sing, dance, paint, and any other activities. For adult, maybe with only minimum food they can survive, but for children, they are in their development stage, for sure they need a sufficient nutrition. Besides they also have to bear with psychological trauma, which might influence their development in the future.

Just a simple discourse, but needs serious help from fellows. Please give inputs/suggestions, so that these things could be real. For sure, physical involvement is needed from fellows who have time. If you are interested, please comment to this notes or give a private message directed to my inbox. Any kind of help that we distributed hopefully will give benefits to the refugee. Thank you so much for your time reading and spreading this information.

Surahyo (translated by Inez)

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