Indonesian Day 2013

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear ‘Indonesia’?
Most of you will answer:

  • Bali. Have seen it in Eat, Pray, Love movies. The ‘Indonesian Paradise’ where love just happens.
  • Or Jakarta. The capital and the largest city in Indonesia which is also the eleventh largest city in the world.

Well, actually it’s more than that!

Indonesian Students Association in Groningen proudly presents:


Did you know that actually Indonesia has 17.504 islands (in 2004) which makes it as one of the largest archipelago in the world? Or the fact that there are 300 distinct native ethnicities with 472 language and dialects?

EASE UP because we will give you A DAY to learn more about INDONESIAN CULTURES & everything you want to know about this amazingly beautiful country. Bali and Jakarta will be just another two once you learn about the other breathtaking Indonesian cities!

This event consists of two parts:

  1. Indonesian Day (13:00-16:00)
  2. Wanna taste some Indonesian foods? Or ever heard about our unique souvenirs? There will be bazaar for these! The most important thing: NO ENTRANCE FEE to this bazaar! So pamper your eyes with our culture & join us.
    Also want to gain something from this event? We have workshops on Indonesian traditional art and other cultural activities specially designed for you! There are 3 type of workshops that you may participate:

    a. Canting Batik (8 EUR)
    Have you heard the word ‘Batik’ before? If not, then you miss out on something beautiful which also was designated by UNESCO as the “Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” on 2009! In this workshop, we will introduce one of the way to make the Batik Pattern which is called ‘Canting’. Interested to know more? Save your seat and e-mail us soon because only limited seats are available for this unique experience!

    b. Cooking Indonesian Foods (10 EUR)
    The fact that our food is delightful triggers us to make this workshop on how to cook indonesian foods! Want to learn some new recipes for your dinner? Or want to serve unique snacks at home? Then this workshop suits you best! We will teach you on how to cook 4 authentic Indonesian recipes from snacks to main course. We promise you it will be one of the best 1 hour you’ll ever spend so reserve your seat now πŸ˜‰

    c. Selendang Dance (8 EUR)
    Are you interested in learning one of our traditional dances? This workshop will teach you on how to do ‘Selendang’ dance – which is one of our traditional dances! In this very short workshop, you have the chance to gain one skill of our beautiful dance, save your seat!

    d. Angklung (8 EUR)
    Ever heard about a traditional musical instrument from Indonesia called ‘Angklung’? Interested to play it? We’ll make your dream comes true! This instrument is listed by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity so don’t miss the chance to learn how to play a beautiful sound from the musical instrument made of bamboo!

    Every workshops have limited seats! So register yourself to and learn how Indonesians do it.

  3. Indonesian Dinner (18:00-21:00)
  4. Did you know that in 2012 CNN GO ranked several Indonesian cuisines as one of the world’s best food? Interested to try more? We are proudly serving an authentic Indonesian feasts from across the archipelago just for you!
    For only 18 Euro, we will take you on an extravagant culinary journey, from the Province of Aceh to the Island of Papua, while enjoying performances of Indonesian traditional songs and dances. This will be an unforgettable night but tickets are very limited so RSVP yourself ASAP and don’t miss the chance to taste one of the world’s best food.

What are you waiting for? Click ‘Join’ this event, share it to your friends and have fun with us!

SAVE THE DATE: 27 APRIL 2013! Don’t miss your chance to be Indonesians for a day.

Sampai Jumpa!

For more informations, please contact us through this Facebook event, our Facebook Page (PPI Groningen) or e-mail us at!
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