Our Event

In these times of just recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, sports activities can act as a useful mechanism to increase physical health through improving immunity and mental health. Exercise and sports has been proven to increase happiness, quality of life whilst decreasing levels of stress on a daily basis. Additionally, sports activities can nurture the spirit of sportsmanship, teamwork and tolerance as well as facilitating the relations of participants in growing solidarity.

PPI Groningen has long prided itself for being an association with a mission to push students to live a healthy life physically, mentally and spiritually; whilst supporting achievements in academic and non-academic aspects and strengthening relations between the Indonesian community in Groningen, the Netherlands and Europe. After the resurgance of the annual event back offline last year, PPI Groningen once again presents the annual sports tournament: Groenscup. The year 2023 marks our 22nd Groenscup in the history of PPI Groningen. This sports event is not only targeted towards students, but also aims to include the Indonesian community in the Netherlands and other neighboring countries in Europe.
With a large number of participants each year, as much as 417 participants in 2019, we are grateful and honored to say that Groenscup is the largest sports event for the Indonesian community in Europe. Since 2001, Groenscup has become a vessel in creating, maintaining and strengthening relations within the Indonesian population and students in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. This also makes Groenscup the oldest Indonesian sports event in Europe. Based on our colorful history, the Groenscup family is excited and enthusiastic in the resurgence of Groenscup.

For the 2023 Edition of Groenscup, we would like to invite participants not only from the Netherlands, but from other neighboring countries, such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Due to the pandemic and inability to hold a large event offline, Groenscup has been long-awaited and anticipated by the Indonesian community in Europe. With this, we hope that in this year’s Groenscup XXII can once again help promote healthy and responsible living, facilitate sportsmanship, teamwork, acceptance and tolerance, while strengthening and building relations amongst students and the Indonesian community in Europe.


Groenscup XXI : Poetry Through Movement

Held in 7-8 May 2021